Two Tip Tuesday – Bindings were LIVE!

Did you see my Facebook LIVE? I gave a number of tips on choosing, preparing and applying binding! It was fun and I enjoyed sharing my tips and techniques for bindings. In case you missed it, you can watch it on my Wendt Quilting Facebook page. Check it out HERE.  The video is in the posts or you can see it in the videos tab.  Like and follow my page while you are there, if you don’t already. I will be posting more live events as we go.

To recap a bit of what I showed last week in the video…
On the topic of choosing bindings, there are options!! You don’t have to use the same fabric as your outside border, but that is often a good option and sometimes even the best option.  However, different fabrics can add interest!  (If the quilt needs interest added!!)  The most comments I got from the fabric I showed were in regard to the check fabric as a binding option.  A check isn’t the binding answer for many quilts but it can add a wonderful play to the edge of a quilt.

When choosing a binding, don’t just lay a fabric against the edge.  Below is a check laying next to the edge.  There is a lot of fabric showing and not what a final binding will look like.

Auditioning a fabric…
too much fabric showing!

Instead…Wrap it around the edge so it has the look of a finished binding.  This makes a big difference in the look of that check fabric.

Check binding…
Good size to audition!

One thing to note on a check, you need to be “spot on” in cutting.  It will not look as good if it jumps in and out with a crookedly cut strip.


Now, look at the same check fabric cut on the bias (45 degree angle to the selvage edge).  WOW!  What a difference!

Check fabric if cut on the bias.

Check fabric if cut on bias.
Diamonds around your edge!






Try OPTIONS!  The check fabric is a great example of two very different looking bindings.

#1 – “Roll” the fabric you are auditioning for a binding around the edge of the quilt.  Don’t just lay a bolt of fabric along the edge of your quilt.  Roll it to get a better feel for what the finished binding will look like.

#2- Try a binding straight-of-grain as well as bias.  Sometimes it might just be a different cut of the fabric that gets you the “right” look.

As I say so often in my lectures and trunk shows…Bindings aren’t boring!  They are BRILLIANT!

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