Two Tip Tuesday – Baby Quilts

My great nephew is almost two and he got two quilts. One for his crib and one for play. I’m getting ready to make a couple more baby quilts for friends. When I make baby quilts, my hope is that they will be used and abused (I mean loved!!) I tell the moms, USE them! I can always make another, ha! And you bet I will if requested. So, I thought I’d share my favorite baby quilt ideas and tips.  (More than 2 today!)

#1 – I love to use flannel for the tops and Cuddle/Minky for the backs.  The softness of both sides of the quilt make it fun. And I’ve been told…the Cuddle on the back is awesome for the moms.  They get the soft, too!

#2 – Pick simple patterns! These quilts do not have to be masterpiece/lifetime quilts. I like making them to be used (see above!) If using flannel, the fewer the seams the lighter weight it will be. Plus, fewer seams make for faster construction. My Done by Three, 4-3-2-1-DONE and Done for Love are perfect patterns with very few seams. Also making a Flower Garden quilt with Hex-a-ma-jig (directions in the instruction booklet with the tool) will go together very quickly.

“Done by Three”. D.Wendt

Done by Three D.Wendt

4-3-2-1-DONE D. Wendt

Done for Love D.Wendt


“Hex-a-ma-jig” Flower Garden D.W.





#3 – Use simple quilting designs! The hope is they will be USED and LOVED. That means many washings. If they are used there is a chance…well, more than a chance… they will be spit up on, diaper leakage and worse….Yep, more times in the washer. Pick a design that will stand up to the washer and dryer.

#4 – I call my baby quilts FLOOR QUILTS. I make them to give a “protective” covering for baby on the floor – for nap time, play time and learn to crawl time. Plus, calling them floor quilts will get them used!

#5 – I often do machine sewn bindings. Faster to finish and stands up to the washings!

#6 – Don’t forget to sign and date! Treasure your work for the little treasure you are making it for.


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