Two Tip Tuesday – Pieced Border Strips

How do you piece a single fabric border strip? I have used a variety of methods. It depends on the fabric and look and where it lies in the border for which method I use. The quilt below has a seam in the pink border and both the left and top outside border fabric have been pieced.  Can you see any of the three seams?

Pink and Gray Baby Quilt “Attraction”

The quilt pattern is Attraction by  my friend Donna Robertson of Fabric Cafe.  It is one of her 3 yard quilt patterns!  Click on the pattern title to go to her pattern.

The pink inside border has a 45 degree angle seam. I’m betting you can easily see it (zoom in to see). Yes, I want you to find it!   (Hindsight, I should have done a straight seam so both borders had the same technique.  BUT, I already had it sewn before I thought about the outside border.)  The gray fabric has a straight seam. I did this on purpose so I could match the design. I wasn’t worried about matching the gray fabric when I sewed the blocks, too many seams. Plus overall, it doesn’t bother me that they don’t all match, no way to get around it.

My goal here is to have you find the seam in the gray fabric border. Hard to see! Especially at a glance. That is the idea. I MATCHED the design!! the straight seam made it easier and less noticeable.

The steps and tips on how to accomplish it is below.

1. Fold back a “line” on the border strip that is easily matched. I chose the “line” shown below.  Press.

2. Match folded edge to the next border strip.

1. Press fold on line to match.

2. Pressed piece lined up on next border strip.





3. Pin in place.  The flannel fabric stays put nicely.  You can use fabric glue to keep it from slipping on regular quilter’s cotton.

4. Stitch in the crease of the fold.

5. Press seam open.  TA DA!  Not a bad match!

3. Pin in place.

4. Sew seam in pressed crease.

5. Pieced seam pressed open







I hope this helps you in sewing border strips together that have a definite pattern.

in quilting,


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