Two Tip Tuesday – More on Flannel

I want to continue the conversation on flannel quilts for a couple more tips. I press my seams open for most of the blocks. If the flannel is lighter weight, I might press to one side instead.  But most often, I press open!

Flannel block seams pressed open.


With the borders on a flannel quilt, I press as I do with regular cotton, toward the border strip. A couple reasons for open seams……it reduces the bulk at the cross seams and this is very helpful when longarm quilting. I like the border seams pressed towards the borders because I often stitch in the ditch for the borders. Pressing to one side makes stitching in the ditch easier, in my opinion!

#1 – Press block seams open on flannel for a flatter finish.

#2 – Press flannel border seams to one side.  Easier for stitching in the ditch.

Below is a Brilliant Ribbon Pillow that Cheryl G. made in my Ribbon Pillow Zoom class.  This was my practice class for Zoom.  I’ll be announcing Zoom classes later in July.  Keep a look out!!  The Brilliant Ribbon Pillow is a free download on my website.

Brilliant Ribbon Pillow by Cheryl G.

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