Two Tip Tuesday – New Block Hop &Old Quilts

First, I want to announce a new Block Tour!  This is a collaboration of pattern designers (some of the same designers from the Virtual Tips & Techniques).  It is called Around the Block – US Tour.  Click on the name to sign up for the notifications.  It starts on August 2nd.  Each week, on Sunday, you will receive a free block pattern that has been designed for each state across our US Tour.  (If you don’t want the notifications you can always keep checking the website.)  Zip back and forth across the country on a unique virtual voyage to collect the blocks, designer trivia and stories, plus giveaways!  The blocks will finish to 6″ (6 ½″ unfinished).  I will be presenting Louisiana (A state I lived in for 2 years and where I have dear quilting friends I treasure.)

Today’s tips come to you from Missouri.  I’m visiting my parents, family and friends.  “My room” has an amazing family quilt on the bed.  I LOVE sleeping under an old quilt.  The feel!  The look!  The colors!  The quilting!  The charm!  I love it all!  Look at all those fabrics.  I want to point out a few things (quilting tips) from/on this quilt.

Antique Dresden Plate

#1 – The charm of all those fabrics!  I think the more the better.  Eventually/unfortunately they all fade.  But, I love how they play so beautifully together.  Plus, the purple centers ties them all together.

#2 – Look at the simple quilting designs.  Crosshatching in the center of the dresdens, concentric circles in the dresdens themselves and then simple crosshatching in a different size in the background.  The actual construction lines disappear.  The quilting brings it all together.  LOVE!

The quilt has a wonderful light softness that is perfect for summer sleeping.  Wishing you peaceful sleeps!  Be well!

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