Two Tip Tuesday – Borders

When adding Borders to a quilt more often than not the easiest way, using the least amount of fabric, is to cut strips across the width of fabric. This technique does have seams. If you fabric is busy it is doubtful that you will see the seams. If your border fabric is very specific in design, you might want to get yardage for the longest side. I always buy a bit extra!

The quilt shown below has a length of 61″ BEFORE the top border was added. One and a half strips by width of fabric (WOF) is just a bit more than I need and will fit almost perfectly. The border width is 5 1/2″ so I cut 3 strips x WOF. I cut one in half and add a half to each of the other two strips. I sewed a straight seam and press it open. This worked great as it put the seam about 1/3 of the way along the side. If a seam lands in the middle of the border it is more obvious.

The top and bottom lines are showing where the top border comes across the side border. The seam is marked with an arrow to the “seam”. I like how you don’t even see the seam in the second photo!!

Instead of using a long tape measure or “regular” tape measure and measuring the full length. (It can get tricky if you don’t have a long table to lay everything flat on.) I folded my now sewn border strip in half. Half of my length of this border is 29 1/2″. Then start measuring from the fold. Mark with chalk. Put a ruler on you mark (making sure everything is SQUARE and cut. give it a try! I usually move a long tape measure carefully along the strip, it works well. But by folding the strip it really helps in making sure the measurement it correct!!

As you can see….or not see…..this is a secret project for Fall Market. I’m getting closer to showing the reveal!

So the tips is my explanations above.

#1 – Try cutting your borders across the Width of Fabric, it uses less fabric!

#2 – If you need a seam, try to make it land about 1/3 down the length, not smack dab in the middle.

Bonus #3 – Try folding your border strip in half to measure it to your length needed. It will result in less moving of any measuring device. ALWAYS make sure you measure from the fold, you sure don’t want to cut the fold and have to resew the two halves.

AND finally….YES!!! I ALWAYS MEASURE my border strips to fit my quilt!!!!!!!

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