Two Tip Tuesday – Quilt Guilds and Quilt Shows

I’m so happy to be back in person for some quilt guild lectures. I was down in Branford, CT last night for their guild meeting. My lecture/trunk show was on Egyptian Tentmakers Applique. I love sharing my love of the Tentmakers’ work and my love of Egypt! A big THANK YOU to Shoreline Quilters!! With no AC we did have some red faces…mainly MINE, but it was a great evening anyway. On Thursday I’ll be doing Zoom for one of the guild’s I belong to, Thimble Pleasures. I’ll share my “Teaching the World to Quilt” lecture and modified trunk show. Photos have been taken of the quilts that usually go in person. This time they will be shared on the computer screen. Looking forward to times when all events can be in person.

Houston Quilt Market and Festival is fast approaching. About a month and a half to go! So, I thought I would show you some glimpses of the secret projects AND one of the classes I’m teaching at Festival, Done by Three. A GREAT fun Fat Quarter Quilt. Every Fat Quarter is cut the same, so that saves time and we get to spend more time sewing and arranging blocks. Some of the quilts made with this pattern are below. I hope if you are attending Festival you can take a few hours to take the Done by Three class on Saturday, October 30th from 2-5pm. I love the variety of looks with all the different fabric selections!

Speaking of Market and Festival….anyone interested in helping in my booth? Let me know! You can find my contact information on my website.

A new little tool is getting closer to reveal. I finalized the cover today! The quilt I showed you last week is made with this little gem. Below is one of the borders from the quilt. I’ll be showing the rest as we go.

Hexie border…”Balancing Act”

When sewing hexies together, we have two angled edges (not straight lines with 90 degree corners). So the pieces are “off set” so we can have nice straight lines after sewing without jumps at the seamlines. The bottom picture below shows the left seam is smooth and the right seam has a tiny jump. Not the end of the world if this tiny jump happens, but we strive for the seam on the left.

Left – notches cut with Hex tool.

Top right – notch on left side matches up, right side with white fabric not cut yet.

Bottom Right – white fabric notch cut off so it matches!! (tip #1)

When cutting off the notch with any of my “Hex-a-ma-jig tools, I suggest you set the cutter against the tool and roll the cutter to cut the notch. If you just push the cutter along this very short edge, you might hit the tool and damage your cutter blade….tip #2.

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