Two Tip Tuesday – Quilting Designs

A couple projects are ready for quilting! Decisions, decisions. What to quilt is one of the final questions in most projects. I like to plan out as much as I can before heading to my longarm. I have a Nolting, no regulator and I love it! So, how do I decide on designs? I love having a picture, diagram, line drawing of the quilt. I work from that to pencil in quilting lines and designs. Below is what I’m working on today. Very rough ideas.

Once I was standing in front of the quilt, I still couldn’t decide. So, I did what I knew had to be done…outlining. Oh my, I’m still undecided. So I went from memory of what I put on my paper. It was upstairs and I didn’t go look. Um, I should have! I’m not as happy with what I quilted, but it will stay in. See what I quilted below. I can always add more to it. I’ll give it overnight and look again in the morning.

#1 – Make a picture or line drawing of your quilt. Pencil in some ideas. Choose one and go for it!

#2 – If what you quilted isn’t exact with your drawing, no worries. No one by you will know you had other ideas. Be kind to yourself!

Counting down to Houston! Two weeks from today my booth will be on its way to being setup! Put Booth #117 on your list of must see!

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