Two Tip Tuesday – NEW Tool!!!

I was going to wait another week to share my NEW tool, but decided today was a good day. Besides, I’ll be busy setting up my booth next Tuesday for International Quilt Festival in Houston and might forget to post.

I went smaller! Welcome Hex-a-Mini. “Mini” and she will lovingly be called is for 2″ strips. Still very appropriate for cutting from 2 1/2″ strips. Hex-a-Mini has all the same lines for cutting half hexies, triangles, edge pieces, diamonds and full hexies from a wider strip. The instruction booklet that is included in the tool has all the diagrams for cutting these shapes. It also has layouts for the favorite quilts….Flower Garden, Baby Blocks and Stars. Additional project ideas in the same booklet are Winter Trees, Butterflies (a Monarch and smaller traditional) and Race Cars that can also be a Skateboard. But wait, there is more….I’ve added the instructions for cutting the diamonds from the 2″ strip, no waste technique! There she is below!!

A bit of a side story for the name. First, YES it is smaller that the other two, thus Mini. But on a very personal note, my husband’s mother’s name was Mildred and her nickname was Minnie. A beautiful mother-in-law as kind as they come. She got to celebrate her 90th as a princess, complete with tiarra! She celebrate her 91st in heaven.

I love this new Mini! The new projects are below. Samples already made and ready for Houston.

Hex-a-Mini will not be on my website until the second week of November. So keep a look out. I’ll let you know when you can order and have a Hex-a-Mini all of your own! If you are going to Festival, you can get Mini there!

Some FUN extras were added and created for my samples. I added Ric Rack (or is it Ric Rac, I’ve seen it written both ways) to the knife edge binding of the Monarch Butterfly. This is where my quilting design landed from last week’s post. I’m happy with how it looks. The Traditional Butterfly was made into a pillow cover with Pom Poms along the edges! I took the photos before I had the pillow form. A little travel pillow fits perfectly. The Race Cars are truly in a race! And my Winter Trees are ready for the holidays!

#1 – New tools! Give them some attention!

#2 – Try some new techniques to finish your projects. Ric Rack, Pom Poms, etc. It adds a bit of unexpected flair! Remember the checkerboard from two weeks ago? Fun addition!

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