Two Tip Tuesday – Meet the Teachers

I’m back in the swing of teaching (IN PERSON!) and giving guild lectures (both in person and on Zoom). Thank you to Rhododendron Needlers quilt Guild for having me teach on Saturday. An all day workshop on BINDINGS. We explored many techniques and they went home with a notebook full of samples and my Brilliant Bindings tool! I’ll be speaking at their guild meeting tomorrow night about…you guessed it…Bindings a World of Options!

Also, thank you to Hands Across the Valley Quilt Guild. I did a Zoom lecture for them on Sunday about My Quilting Journey!

Yesterday I was invited to give a 3-minute Meet the Teachers presentation at the New England Quilt Museum. The Museum puts this on for the supporting guilds in the New England area. It was fun to give a quick overview of the 4 lectures/trunk shows I give and share a few of the classes/workshops I teach. THREE minutes….YES, I had to talk fast. Seriously, I don’t think I talked too fast, but the time sure goes quickly. It was fun to catch up with other teachers and talk to many local guild reps about hiring me to do a program or workshop.

I’m going to keep this post wordy with just my photo. I’m about to the end of my “free space” on wordpress. I’ll continue to have this blog, but I may have to change the address to get to it. I’ll keep you posted! Plus, I’ll continue to do Two Tips. I have some projects coming up to share many more tips. I will also be a part of a blog hop the first week of December, so keep your eyes peeled for creative holiday prep ideas!!

#1 – Visit a local Museum. Many have amazing displays of fabric and fiber art. My local New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA is a little gem!

#2 – Take a quilt friend with you on that Museum visit!

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