Two Tip Tuesday – Thank you Houston!

The International Quilt Festival in Houston is in the books! It was great to have an in person show. I had a booth, taught a lecture and a class! My booth is shown below from several angles.

My favorite part is the TV I added to show my demo videos on Brilliant Bindings and Hex-a-ma-jig.

I’m working on getting those videos on my website.

I missed writing the last two Tuesdays due to set-up and then driving home. I was able to give many tips in person in my “Bindings – A World of Options” lecture and “Done by Three” class. For bindings, try a variety of fabrics, consider bias as well as straight of grain. In “Done by Three” we covered the basics of cutting, sewing 1/4″ seams and making blocks. Once they had blocks made we learned to square them and began arranging them into a quilt. Using blocks from several students we put them together into the start of the quilt. Not bad, for a variety of fabrics!

Three days later, I got a photo from a student’s finished quilt top! I LOVE Terry C.’s quilt and appreciate her sharing it for us to oogle over! Well DONE! Terry added a clever border with her leftover pieces. This quilt is a great use for Fat Quarters!!

Thanks for a great show in Houston! I look forward to more student quilt photos and reports of using a new, or rediscovered binding ideas.

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