Two Tip Tuesday – Happy Holidays

As we head into the hurried days before Christmas, are you still sewing? I finished a quilt and delivered it! I’ll put a pic below. This flannel quilt went to a friend’s little daughter. She loved it and so did her daughter. In fact the comment was, “she won’t get off of it!” It was a bit windy for the hurried photo.

Here is the close up. Some quilts are made to be snuggled and don’t need fancy quilting. Simple and finished! I wanted the pink border to be highlighted, so I stitched in the ditch. With quilting on each side of the inside border it helped to bring this border to the forefront. Simple loops fill the inside and straight lines on the outside border. I followed the pattern of the fabric so I didn’t even have to mark my spacing. (The fabric did that work for me!!) I did the binding all by machine. This sped up the process and is a nice finish for a baby quilt. Since this is going to a little one, the simplistic quilting works well. Plus it will be washed and used, what I want every gifted quilt to be!

#1 – Does your border fabric have a design you can follow? The border fabric on this quilt had perfect spacing to do some straight line quilting.

#2 – Simple quilting, that is not dense makes for wonderful “drape-y” quilts, perfect for a flannel quilt.

This quilt was made using a 3 yard quilt pattern by Donna Robertson of Fabric Cafe. The pattern name is Attraction. It is also one of the patterns in her book, Easy Peasy 3 Yard Quilts. I love Donna’s patterns as they are designed for three 1 yard cuts of fabric and go together quickly!

I hope you have success in finishing up your gifts. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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