Two Tip Tuesday – After Christmas Sewing

I visited a fabric store yesterday in Orlando with my sister-in-law, that she frequents. The Sewing Studio Fabric Superstore in Maitland, FL. Another sister-in-law and one of my nieces went along. They both fell in love with a certain character fabric, what to make? A Pillow Case! I have the Hot Dog Pillow Case as a FREE pattern on my website. They are quick and easy to make. We changed the top cuff as they wanted more color and to show off the fabric. The pillow case on the left is folded back to fit in the picture. We also made the wider…more pop of color!

One of the fabrics had a definite direction….and not the way we wanted it to finish. So, no problem. We turned the fabric to accommodate the directional fabric and re-cut and stitched two sections together to get closer to the correct size. It ended up being a bit shorter piece for the main body. And why we increased the top cuff!!

#1 – Play with FUN fabric for a quick gift or fun sewing project and make a pillow case!

#2 – If you have a directional fabric, make sure it falls in the direction you want it on the end product. Below you will see how I made a stick figure on the pillow piece diagram to make sure it would end up correctly. (Yes, blurry since I blew up the original photo. My stick figure is shown on its side!)

I hope you find some fun things to sew to finish off 2021!! Ready, set and more sewing for 2022!

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