Two Tip Tuesday – Happy New Year

It is hard for me to believe we are into a new year and 2022, when did that happen?!? But, it did!! As we head into 2022, I’m looking forward to new quilt shows and a return to the regulars. I’m working on a new book for my Hex-a-Mini, details to follow. I’m also planning some new classes and getting some new patterns ironed out. (Hmmm, that could be a pun!)

Keeping today short and looking back at one of my first “oldie but goodie” tip.

#1 – Measure twice, cut once! This is a great reminder, always. I often teach beginners and one of the first things I show them is how I count before I cut. Yes, I can read a ruler but I ALWAYS make sure I to count it out, aloud. It sure keeps me from making a lot of miscuts.

And the second is one of my favorites…

#2 – If you don’t love it, stop and rethink. You may need to set that project aside or scrap it all together. It sure isn’t worth your time if you don’t like the fabric, color, or technique. Move on to something that makes you HAPPY!

Speaking of happy. I had some leftover fabric I quilted up when I made my great niece a quilt. My sister saw the quilted piece on her visit this summer. She took it home to make pillows for her granddaughter (the same little one, my great niece!). Well when I was “home” for Christmas that fabric showed up with my sister at my parent’s house….she bought some yummy pink Cuddle fabric for the backing. AND Yes, I made the pillows for her to give! They turned out very sweet. The report was that they were crawled all over. One of the pillows and the quilt it matches shown below.

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