Two Tip Tuesday – Ohio Star Remix

Over on Instagram, Sneak Peek #2 was given this week in the Ohio Star Remix. I’m still playing with colors and arrangement and additions. So today, I thought I would give a look at how a TRADITIONAL Ohio Star Block is made. It has a nine patch arrangement with for corner squares, one center square and 4 quarter squares. The coloring can be changed around and the way the quarter squares are made can be simplified. I won’t go into a lot of detail but I do want to show the basic block. The instruction page below is the traditional piecing of the Ohio Star using triangle and squares for a 12″ finished block.

For my Sneak Peek #2, I added a Square in a Square block in place of each of the corner squares and the center square. It really changes up the block! Plus the use of many different fabrics is exciting in my world. I love all the blues!

I’m heading in the direction to have my final reveal be several different remixes of the Ohio Star. Hmmmm! Next week will tell the finish.

#1 – An Ohio Star block is a simple block of squares and triangles. Quarter Square Triangles to be exact. It is typically one of the first blocks quilters learn to make in a Sampler Quilt and a great way to learn how to make a Quarter Square.

#2 – A Quarter Square has the triangles cut twice diagonally across a square. This “X” cut keeps the straight-of-grain on the outside edges of the finished block. We want the straight of grain on the outside edges to help keep the block from stretching out of shape.

Until next week and the REVEAL…

in quilting,


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