Two Tip Tuesday – Ohio Star Remix Reveal

The Ohio Star Remix Reveal was yesterday. I have several Ohio Star blocks made and in several variations (remixes!). The blocks will be a part of my next quilted coat. I am making another for a machine quilting class I’m teaching on Saturday. I’ll show my progress below. I’m still playing with placement and possibilities.

The basics of an Ohio Star Block is 4 quarter squares, a center square and 4 corner squares. One of the block colorings is shown below. Often the inside triangles off the center are a different color. The next photos below shows that coloring but points and backgrounds are scrappy.

I did some remixing with making things scrappy. Dark points and light points!

I further changed things up with adding a square in a square as the center square. Still scrappy! Then another remix with adding a square in a square to the center and four corners. I’m excited with all the possibilities this block can remix into.

The easiest way to make a quarter square is putting 2 squares together and marking a center line from corner to corner. Then sewing on each side of the line from one corner to corner.

Cut this apart and press towards the darker fabric. The rotate one half so the light is on the dark and dark on the light matching seams snugly together.

Stitch on each side of the opposite corner to corner center line. Cut along center marked line and you have created TWO quarter squares!


#1 – Mark from corner to corner on the wrong side of both the light square and dark square. This saves time later. The lines are there and you don’t have to stop and redraw the line on the back of the dark fabric.

#2 – For best results, I sew a scant 1/4″ seam on each side of the drawn lines. The photos below show sewing the scant 1/4″ vs. a true 1/4″. (The left side of my presser foot is a scant 1/4″ from the needle and the right side of the foot is a true 1/4″.) With the smaller seam width, it allows for squaring up for accuracy in correct block sizes!

I hope you’ll try some Ohio Star Blocks! These go together very quickly, especially if you use the plain squares in the center and four corners.

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