Two Tip Tuesday – Daytona Beach Thank YOU

Yes, I missed another week. On the road again….it is difficult to type when I’m driving and no one wants that! Driving home from Daytona Beach I had time to reflect on the show. Thank YOU to those who attended my Binding lecture, attended the All-Star Review, Learned how to Bust a Move on your Stash at the Learning Center and last but not least, visited my booth! It was fun to see some familiar faces from MA and meet family of friends, even our own family and visit with so many wonderful quilters. I had fun and even got a chance to dip my toes in the ocean.

The Reveal for my 7 x 7 Grid Remix block happened over on Instagram on Feb. 28th. As I may have mentioned, I had an AH HA moment when I was thinking about a 7 x 7 grid. Most Log Cabin blocks are 7 logs across. Actually, a center and three logs on each side. I decided to step it up and make a Cornerstone Log Cabin from my friend, Patricia Cox’s book, Log Cabin Quilts Unlimited – The Ultimate Creative Guide to the Most Popular and Versatile Pattern. Maggi McCormick Gordon is a co-author . The block is below. I’m still making blocks <grin>

When working with flannel I spray starch or use Best Press. Because flannel is thicker, I use a scant seam allowance. I’m looking forward to more sewing time.

Branson, MO is next!! AQS Quilt Week is March 23-26. I’m looking forward to being in my HOME state and seeing family during and after the show. I’m teaching a Learning Center session on Friday at 3, then I’ll also be presenting at the All- Star Review from 5-7. I look forward to seeing you in my booth #1105!

My tips are about quilt show etiquette since shows are beginning to ramp up….When in a booth…

#1 – Please ASK to photo quilts. Some vendors do not allow photos, but those that do really appreciate the simple request. Those who have designed the quilts appreciate the courtesy.

#2 – Many pattern designers are the people working the booth. Let your friend buy the pattern and encourage them to do so. This is how we designers can stay in business and continue to produce new patterns for you.


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