Two Tip TWOsday! 2/22/22 Daytona Beach and Shannon Fabrics

Sorry about missing last week. I was deep into prepping and packing for Daytona Beach. So now, one week later….I’m in Daytona Beach for the AQS Quilt Week that starts Wednesday! I’ve got a booth and I’ll be teaching one lecture. I hope you will join me if you are near….or far…teehee!

Next bit of news…. Shannon Fabrics and Teresa Coates, one of their National Educators will be hosting a Facebook Live Event showing how to make my Cuddle® Mermaid!! Cupcake Quilts in Texas will be hosting the event! I’m looking forward to joining in LIVE. I brought my Cuddle® Mermaid patterns with me if you get inspired! The photos below is a sneak peek of two tails made from some of Shannon Fabrics wonderful Cuddle® (the soft yummy “Minky” fabric). Aren’t those stuffed sea animals adorable hangin’ out with my Mermaid?!?

There will be plenty of tips during the event. But a couple of my favorites when working with Cuddle®…

#1 – Do NOT move your Cuddle® fabric after you cut your shapes. Leave them on the table and vacuum the edges. This will remove most of the flyaway edges. OH, be sure to hold onto those pieces. Vacuum cleaners love to eat them.

#2 – Don’t be afraid of this high pile fabric. Push the pile away from the cut edges and pin, pin, pin. I find it is actually easy to sew.

I love my Cuddle® Orca as well. Fun for all ages!

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