Two Tip Tuesday – Celebrating days and lives

Some days are dis-shelved and that is ok! When you celebrate a big event…like turning 60…and time seems unreal…you feel blessed. Where does time, weeks, years, go? I know this is how life goes, but wow! I am sharing the beautiful flowers my husband sent me to show beauty is all around us. Yes, fabric is my happy but these flowers make me smile!

I’m sharing these to show how nature really has it correct. Pinks come in a HUGE variety of colors. So I’m suggesting we take tips from that.

#1 – Don’t try to be match-y match-y, pull from all shades and hues!

And time….

Well, do what makes you happy. Sit…sew…read…or just be!

#2 – Meet your deadlines to feel a sense of accomplishment, but also be proud you followed through.

Life is short, live your days to their fullest. My guild lost a beautiful quilting friend a few days ago. It has given me pause. She did beautiful handwork and had the best smile and kindness. Her calm of beautiful stitches are her legacy and will be treasured by her family and friends. Find your happy in your quilting journey.

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