Two Tip Tuesday – Travel and more travel

It just keeps moving on….and on…..and on! When our daughter-in-law puts a zero on the end of a number and there is a surprise party, WELL, we just had to attend…in Florida. Sitting in the airport waiting to return home, I look at my carry on and smile. It, of course, has camels on it. LOVE my camels and my logo!

With a lot of travel already this year, I always carry a hand project. I believe you have seen this before. Ye,s I’m still carrying my Plaid Grandmother’s Flower Gardens around. And it has been over 20 years in the making. I hope it doesn’t take 20 more to finish. This is made with 1″ Paper Pieces. My mini tackle box is filled with 3/8″ hexies, a more recent project.

My favorite method for small flower gardens. My Hex-a-ma-jigs are my favorite for larger versions!!I’ll be teaching this machine made Flower garden with Hex-a-ma-jig in Paducah in two short weeks! Thus travel and more travel. I hope you’ll come by my booth up on the second floor Booth 3500 to see demos of all my tools. Until then, I’m going to sit and stitch as I wait for my delayed flight.

Tips for travel…

#1 – Handwork projects sure help pass the time. And allows for progress!

#2 – Match your “style”….camels, yes please. Teal…..of course (my purse). What do you travel with? Or never travel without???

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