Two Tip Tuesday – Another Remix ~ Bear Paw

The Quilt Designer Remix for June is Bear Paw. It often goes by Bear’s Paw as well. One section of the traditional block is below. I made a Bear’s Paw quilt for my husband a number of years ago. I called it Petroglyph Paws. All the fabrics were purchased in Albuquerque, NM when I went for a visit when he worked there.

I am giving the Bear Paw a remix this month. The fabrics I’ve chosen stated with these great finds in Dallas, Texas at Sew Let’s Quilt It quilt shop. I’m leaning towards southwest or northwest for my color palette. I’ve already got the design started, so hoping it comes together as planned! So the above fabrics mentioned in my husband’s quilt will work in beautifully.

When washing the teal fabrics, I through in two “color catchers” and I’m so glad I did. Look at how the catchers turned this beautiful shade of light teal (they did their job!). All that die would have been in the washer and could have attached to the light batik. It would not have hurt this particular fabric since it has splotches of blue anyway. But, now I know it will not bleed on any other fabrics I add to the quilt. Tip #1 – use color catchers!

In making sure all my fabrics (those scraps from my husband’s quilt) were washed, they got wrinkled in the dryer. I forgot to grab them out before they were completely dry. This helps keep the wrinkles to a minimum (tip #2). So, many of them had to be ironed. I even used steam, but they still had some creases. So I sprayed with water! This did the trick to get the wrinkles out and keep them out. (bonus tip #3).

The next two photos are what I posted on my Instagram page @debbiewendtquilting for my first Sneak Peek. I was sewing a 1/4″ seam, I added some great bear and petroglyph fabric for the paw and the orange-ish for the claws. Well, look what happens when you don’t worry about where the designs land…

OH MY GOSH….well, YES, I guess they do!!. I had to share, as I’m still laughing at it. I have not gotten out the seam ripper just yet. One follower on Instagram said I should leave it, HA! I just might. I’m not sure I could have planned that. Truly an accident, but a great funny one! There should be another bonus tip about being careful where the designs on your fabric land….

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