Two Tip Tuesday – Catching UP

Well, how did that happen. I completely missed last week. I was on my way to Texas to take a look at our property we have had for over 27 years! And there I am in amongst the trees.

I even missed the reveal of the Bear Paw Block Challenge. I still need to take some photos, so that will be posted next week.

The last post was about the Summer Scrap Elimination. A great event that will help you “get rid of”, I mean USE your scraps. I love a scrappy quilt! Most of the designers are focusing on smaller projects. Swan, the designer of the event is making some amazing quilts with free patterns! We are up to week 2 and two more designers have joined the Elimination…. so be sure to GO check them out HERE.

One of the favorite scrap quilts I designed is my “Won’t You Be…” It uses Fat 1/8ths (9″ x 20-22″) and Fat 1/6ths (12″ x 20-22″). If you have extra bits of fat quarters this is perfect. The instructions have detailed cutting diagrams, so it is easy to cut and piece. No piece is larger than 3 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ and I bet you have some of of that size in your stash!

“Won’t You Be…”

Another favorite is “Flowers in the Valley” A background fabric and 4″ squares makes this another easy to piece quilt! (Bow Tie Blues is behind Flower in the Valley)

GOT SCRAPS? Make a quilt! In this summer heat, stay inside and enjoy the hum of your sewing machine.

Tips for beating the summer heat…

#1 – Drink lots of water and how about keeping it cool in a homemade snuggie for your glass.

#2 – Do your cutting in front of an AC unit or stand over a cool air vent.

#3 – I think we all need snack breaks….did I hear an ice cream truck??!!???

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