Two Tip Tuesday – Salt Lake City!

I’m on my way….to Salt Lake City, this time! I’m looking forward to teaching and walking the show. Feels a bit like playing since I won’t have a booth this time. The photo below is one of my new samples for “Piecing is the Cornerstone” class. It is all about simple piecing techniques/block units that are popular across the board for most quilts. I’ll share the big picture after class. The students will get the first look! The second picture is another option using the same basic quilt units. The center is shown on the Quilts Inc. website for the class description.

In getting another project finished last week, I had to piece together some batting. It was actually a small piece (Challenge for one of the guilds I belong to) so I used scraps…Bamboo Batting by Winline, my favorite! When piecing together batting is is best to slightly overlap two edges and cut a gentle curve/wave. Then remove the extra bits from the edges and you have a nice gentle line to stitch together with a wide zigzag stitch on your sewing machine. I was so excited I found two pieces that worked, I cut and pitched the extra bits before I took a picture. So, the photos below is the next steps – stitching of the join and after it was stitched. This is great so you don’t have a hard line across the piece. It disappears really well!

#1 – When piecing batting, cut a curve overlapping two edges. This also allow the curve to match up!

#2- Stitch a large zigzag on the sewing machine to piece/connect the two cut batting pieces. Plus no hard edges.

Bonus….go to a Quilt Show this summer….. you can avoid the summer heat!

I hope to see you in class in Salt Lake City at the summer Quilts Festival. Or maybe on the show floor!

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