Two Tip Tuesday – SLC wrap up

A great big thank you to those taking my classes in Salt Lake City! Great things happen in a classroom to learn trusted techniques, tools and new concepts. The trusted techniques included my “Done by Three” class with cutting fat quarters the same to make a quick quilt. More trusted techniques (sewing on bindings) and a tool (Brilliant Bindings) and new concepts (binding curved edges) in “Become a Brilliant Binder” and last but not least “Piecing is the Cornerstone” for trusted techniques of simple units that make up most quilt designs! I only took a few photos during class, so below is the start of Lynn’s and Bonnie’s Done by Three blocks. They both did a great job! Plus a huge well done to all my students. We had some laughs and great progress in bindings and blocks!

I was able to spend an entire day walking the show! Rarely do I get the chance to do this since I usually have a booth. My friend Deanna Steel’s Mason Jar Bouquet was in the Exhibit – A Celebration of Color. She does amazing applique and quilting. I missed seeing her at the show since I was teaching, but I was able to get a picture of her quilt! BEAUTIFUL work Deanna!!

Some of my favorite quilts were in the antique exhibits of Christmas in July of Red and Green quilt and Out of the Blue with Blue and White quilts. Below is a quilt from the Christmas in July- Cherry Wreath. I love the addition of a spot of yellow in several of the beautiful applique flowers.

Plus here are two from the Blue and White collection. All of these quilts are antiques and the maker is unknown, so unfortunately we only see credit of the design and possible dates. They are from the IQF Corporate Collection. The quilt on the left is Fleur-de-Lis with beautiful feathers and on the right is Early Indigo Trapunto….and take a look at the amazing trapunto work!

I attended the 1876 Centennial Quilt Project Gallery Walk/Talk with Anne Dawson. Amazing story of an antique found in Connecticut and Anne’s journey of creating a quilts and a pattern from this quilt. The pattern can be found HERE. I did not take any photos, so please go to her gallery to see her amazing quilt and those of her students!

I was in SLC for an extra day after the show. I got to see the incredible Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra! They broadcast a live performance every Sunday morning. “Music & The Spoken Word”. It was an amazing experience of beauty of vocals and instruments! Visitors are welcome to attend! My sister is a vocal music major from the Music Conservatory at UMKC and knowing the training and dedication of using her voice, I am in awe of musical talent.

My dear friends Don and LuAnn from Winline Batting are local to SLC. I got to spend an afternoon exploring the mountains around SLC and learning the business side of my favorite Bamboo Batting!

Tips from SLC…

#1 – Explore ALL the vendors at a show. They have wonderful stories and great products.

#2- Explore the surrounding area/city/town of where the quilt shows are held.

#3- As I have commented before, take a class. A great way to learn trusted techniques and meet new quilting friends and connect with “old” quilting friends!

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