Two Tip Tuesday – Thank you Grand Rapids and Shoo Fly Remix

A GREAT big thank you to all of you who attended AQS Quilt Week in Grand Rapids and spent some time in class with me or in my booth. I was “wicked” busy but had a lot of fun! Here was my booth.

And a couple of my student’s work (as promised to them) from my Hexie Flower Garden class… I’ll post more when they send me them <grin> and <wink>!!

I also posted over on Instagram #debbiewendtquilting the 2nd Sneak Peek for the Shoo Fly Remix. I’m using my Hex-a-ma-jig Jr. template with this remix. The Reveal is next Monday. I’m looking forward to doing some power sewing for a few days.

My tips this week are a nod to my students in Grand Rapids…

#1 – First and foremost thank you for taking my classes! A comment I heard a number of times…”it was great to learn so many tips from you.” I appreciate the feedback and always happy to share tips in making quilting easier.

#2- Always check your supply lists. If you don’t understand reach out to your teacher. There was a typo (a couple words got rearranged) and I appreciate it being brought to my attention.

BONUS…thanks to my niece, Mia….put a wet paper towel next to the cutting board when cutting onions. It keeps your eyes from burning. Whatever chemical reaction happens when you cut onions looks for a water source, that is usually your eyes. But with the wet paper towel… it goes there instead. IT WORKS!!!

in quilting (and cooking!)


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