Two Tip Tuesday – Shoo Fly Reveal

Happy to have my Shoo fly Remix well under way. The Reveal was yesterday! I’m sewing the rows together, so here is a quick look at my top left corner! I’m happy with how easy this is to sew together. Everything is pre-cut and sure helps things go together faster.

In cutting and sewing my half hexies with Hex-a-ma-jig Jr. there are a few things I do without even thinking about it. For starters, if I am cutting down an edge with a notch. I start my cutter o the fabric next to the tool, roll the cutter back to the edge and they continue across. I am NOT cutting backwards down the whole edge. This is just a slight roll of the cutter and helps to keep you from cutting into the edge of your acrylic tools. If I am along the edge of a regular rotary cutting ruler, I tap the edge to make sure I am not on top of the ruler. I don’t want to take a chunk out of the edge of my rulers and tools. Shown below for where I start and then the forward cut cross this edge.

#1 – Description above! start – pull back – finish. Plus fingers clear!

To cut the notched “points” off, I actually place the rotary cutter blade on the fabric, put pressure on the blade and roll the cutter handle instead of trying to push the blade forward. Again, this helps to keep you from taking a chunk out of the acrylic tool and uses less movement and force of your cutter. Shown below as my starting point and how little I have to roll the handle.

#2 – Note the above description and placement and “roll” of my cutter handle below.

I hope these cutting tips helps to keep form cutting into your rulers and tools and saves fingers and time!

A shout out to Sew Batik for their beautiful dots! This is an older fabric and I don’t believe it is available anymore….but check out their others!

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