Two Tip Tuesday on Wednesday – Hand Stitching

What happens when you get an extra weekend day? For me, I forgot yesterday was Tuesday as it felt like a Monday!! So, this week’s tips are coming to you a day late.

One thing that happened on Monday….I am joining another Quilt Designer Block Remix. This month we will explore the Old Maid’s Puzzle block. I have pictured it below along with my fabric pull. I’m using some of my 30’s Reproduction fabrics…get it…”old” Maid’s Puzzle. It works for me! Not sure where this one will go as a remix. We post over on Instagram each Monday of the month.

I have started a couple new projects…imagine that! I am in love with learning about Kawandi quilts, their original makers and the techniques. I spent some time online searching through Margaret Fabrizio’s website and youtube videos about her insight about Kawandi quilts. She even made a couple trips to India to study and learn from the Siddi women who make Kawandi quilts!! I’ve made a coaster and now working on one a bit bigger for a small table runner.

Did I tell you how much I love these? A friend of a friend showed me the Kawandi she was working on out in Salt Lake City at the Quilts Inc. Summer Festival. That started my search and I’m hooked!

A couple tips I have discovered when working on my first Kawandi…

#1 – Perfection does not play here! All stitches are done by hand. I have let go of making them exactly the same size. I like to get them close to the same, but I am not worried if they are not.

#2- Take it as it comes (pieces are added from the outside to the middle). You will not see the final look until you get the middle and add your final fabric. It is a huge surprise at the end.

AND….Quilts Inc. has opened class registration for International Fall Quilt Festival. I’ll be teaching 4 classes, 1 lecture and also teaching for the Friday Sampler! I hope to see you in class this fall and in my booth!

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