Two Tip Tuesday – Old Maid’s Puzzle Reveal

Sewing time is sparse around here…many things to organize, finalize and visualize for Houston quilt Market and Festival the end of next month. Soooo, my Old Maid’s Puzzle Remix got done on paper. I showed the hexie block I made last week, or was it the week before. I continued my original idea of turning the block on point and then repeating it. But this time I colored it more like the hexie block. I am very pleased with the result. It just never got cut and sewn. I plan on this being a new pattern in the Spring. I think the colors say “yay Spring”. I worked on keeping it in the “old” 1930s color palette. I repeat, I’m pleased!

Short and sweet this week with tips. But first a look at my process for the Old Maid’s Puzzle in photos….

#1 – Don’t be afraid to change direction mid stream. (I will still continue to work on this.)

#2 – When you get excited about and idea/quilt….make it! It will be very satisfying!

And a question still remains – Do I make this in hexie shapes or traditional half square triangle blocks??? Please leave me a comment if you have a thought!

Classes at Houston are filling up! Be sure to register and choose your favorites, sooner rather than later.

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1 Response to Two Tip Tuesday – Old Maid’s Puzzle Reveal

  1. Susan says:

    I like your new concept with your hexi. Go with it and as you said….”have fun”.

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