Two Tip Tuesday – Countdown to Houston

October always brings me one step closer to Houston Quilt Market and Festival. There is still time to enroll for classes!

And the first day of the month I get to celebrate my dad’s and aunt’s birthday. Yep, twins! I’m so blessed to have these two in my life. My Dad and Mom have been in New England on a sightseeing adventure, so I got to spend a couple days with them!

I made a quilt in honor of “the twins”. It is called Brilliant Twin Darts. I love the combination of blues and browns in my original quilt (on the left). You can find it on my website HERE. The middle quilt was made by my Aunt Jody, YES the twin! I love how the greens play across the quilt. Some blocks you see the darts while others look like a spool. The third was made with the same pattern with only two colors per block. It is fun to see how the coloring can change the look, again I see spools more pronounced in the third quilt.

The pattern includes the paper template for the trapezoids in this quilt or you can use Brilliant Bindings as a cutting template. Brilliant Bindings is available HERE.

Here in New England, we have the cool days and cooler nights. Time to get a quilt on the bed! Do you change out your quilts with the season? Or do you have a favorite that stays on year round? One of the things I have done is to store some of my quilts flat on a spare bed. At one count, I had at least 20 piled high.

#1 – Storing quilt flat helps to keep the wrinkles out!

#2 – Put the top quilt in the pile on backside up. This will keep the sunlight off helping to avoid faded fabric.

Sending friends and family in Florida safer days ahead. Thoughts are with all those affected by the hurricane.

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