Two Tip Tuesday – countdown continues

Did you see my preview of what I’m teaching at International Quilt Festival the first week of November? It is going to be a busy week!! 4 Classes, 1 Lecture and 1 Friday Sampler. Go to International Quilt Festival’s YouTube channel or you can go directly to it HERE.

Instead of tips today, I thought I’d share the classes I’ll be teaching in Houston. LOADS of tips are given in every class!

There is a wait list for Become a Brilliant Binder #445 on Thursday, Nov. 3rd, but my other classes still show openings.

#478 Piecing is the Cornerstone also Thursday, Nov. 3rd. We’ll explore and make basic blocks that can be used on their own or combined in many quilt blocks. We will put them together into a table runner. Many variations for layouts will be given. One sample and another center shown below.

#550 Friday Sampler – yes, Friday, Nov. 4th. I’ll be showing Perfect Bindings Every Time. A look at getting those mitered corners perfectly neat and square, plus no fuss joining of the binding tail ends.

#745 Done by Three – Saturday, Nov. 5th. A great quilt for Fat Quarters! Great for beginners because I will be showing cutting, strip piecing, sub-cutting, pressing and squaring blocks. Also good for those interested in getting back to the basics.

#756 Bindings a World of Options – LECTURE also Saturday, Nov. 5th. In this lecture I’ll be covering all things bindings. Many edge finishes to share with samples you can touch and quilts to see.

#817 Machine Sewn Bindings – Sunday, Nov. 6th. All bindings steps will be done on the sewing machine. Kit includes everything cut and ready to sew!

I hope to see you in class or in my booth!

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