Two Tip Tuesday – Notions

I’ve been playing with ideas to hold my Wonder Clips. I found these cut flowers made out of felt. The petals will be what the clips “hold” onto. The video I watched used hot glue….ouch! I wasn’t about to burn my fingers as (I’m sure) we have all done at one time or another. So I got our my needle and thread instead. I tried their suggest size of felt strip (1 1/2″ folded in half) and cut slits (about 1/4″ apart). The flower is really cute, but small and the slits lined up too evenly (bottom left). So on to another 1 1/2″ strip and wider cut slits. (bottom center) The other versions are 2″ wide strips….top left, the slits were cut between 1/4″-3/8″ (my favorite!) The top center was 1/2″ slits, a bit floppy. The angle cut slits (top right) is pretty but not as easy to clip the Wonder Clips onto.

These were fun to try. I’ll post the steps next week!

#1 – Why use hot glue when a needle and thread are close at hand. Plus it will hold better!

#2 – Play with options. If you don’t like it try again. I see this a lot in when people make quilts. If something isn’t working for you, STOP! Change it up, take another look at colors, or even other block or border possibilities!

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