Two Tip Tuesday – Lakeland class photos

I’m so happy to share some of the results from one of my Lakeland classes at OSQE…Piecing is the Cornerstone. This class focuses on learning the skills to make simple blocks that are found/popular in piecing almost any block. 4-patch, half square, quarter square, (hour glass), goose (flying geese), square-in-a-square. So much progress!!! I believe I got photos of at least some blocks from everyone in class!!


A couple tips we learned in class…

#1 – If you mis-cut there is probably another option. Cut a piece of paper the size of the piece you mis-cut. Example, 4 7/8″ square cut diagonally in half …..use that paper as your template to cut around on a piece of fabric smaller that 4 7/8″. I believe we were working with a 4 5/8″ strip of fabric.

#2 – Try turning your rotary mat over….NO LINES…this makes it so much easier to see the lines on your rulers when cutting. Using a ruler to cut instead of your mat is my preference! I’m so proud that a few students gave it a go even though they preferred the mat lines.

I’ll share photos from Oooh Hexie Baby! next week 😉

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