Two Tip Tuesday – Treasures from a Quilt Show

I’m continuing my talk about quilt shows today. I thought I would share some treasures I found in Branson. Yes, sometimes I do get out of my booth! I had my husband and parents with me in Branson, so I had great help to cover the booth. This gave me a chance to walk a few rows of the vendors. From my booth I had a birds eye view of the College of the Ozarks booth. They were doing a “bed turning” of quilts that had been donated to the school. These quilts were given to be sold to help raise money for the students! A wonderful cause and great school. If you have not heard about “School of the Ozarks” as it was called when I was young, it is a great school. A working school. All students have jobs to support themselves and their education. I watched the quilts being turned several times. There was one that caught my eye each time they turned to it. It came home with me. Thanks to my parents, it was my birthday the following week and what a great gift for a quilter, an antique quilt! Thank you Mom and Dad!! See two bits of the quilt below. I’ll get a better photo when I can take it outside for a full view.

Another quilt that caught my eye was this six pointed star. Look at all diamonds! Yes, it has “Y” seams but look at all those fabrics. You could use any of the three sizes of my Hex tools to make this quilt. I loved it, but left it for someone else to treasure. You can see all the quilts for sale on the now “College of the Ozarks” website. Click the link for more into… Legacy of Love the quilts are available HERE.

Remember I said I walked a few rows of vendors….well, these babies grabbed me! They are 5″ squares of Kantha cloth, from a Kantha quilt. I love Anne’s story of how she started Kismet. She has a group of women in India who make Kantha quilts and she sells the quilts and pieces of the Kantha. You can follow Anne on Instagram. I plan to add the squares I purchased to a denim jacket.

Though my treasures are of very different origins and stories, I LOVE my finds!

I hope you can find your own treasures at the next quilt show you attend!

#1- Take a look at ALL the vendors at a show. You never know what treasures you can find to take home!

#2 -Talk to the vendors! They have stories just like you and I. At the College of the Ozarks booth, the turners of the quilts were a nice young man and young lady. The young lady graduated from the college and now works for them. The young man actually had my brother as a 6th grade science teacher in a town near Kansas City. You NEVER know who you will meet and what stories you get to go home with!!!

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