Two Tip Tuesday – Kantha Denim Jacket

I’m excited to report, I have a finish!! I took my “old” denim jacket and 5″ Kantha squares to a Getaway this past weekend. Look what happened…

I’m so happy with how it turned out. I’m still debating if I should add more to the front or pockets. For now, it will be as is. Simple and done!

It started out with arranging the blocks for the placement I liked. Once I got the arrangement, I cut it to size of the center of the back center of the denim jacket.

I attached the back panel with raw edge applique. I used a blanket stitch on my sewing machine. I added a few quilting lines to hold the panel in place so it wouldn’t become floppy. The collar and cuff/sleeve pieces were turned under with a 1/4″ hem. I attached the cuff pieces with a hand sewn blanket stitch. The collar was machine sewn with a blanket stitch. The hand stitching is shown below.

I was concerned about having both machine stitching and hand stitching on the jacket. But, then I realized, it would help me finish it…so, I used the machine stitching to get it done!

#1- Take time to arrange and REARRANGE until you like the layout.

#2 – When hand stitching a blanke stitcht, work to keep it even……in length, width to the next stitch and height of the stitch.

I’m happy to have this project/jacket DONE! It will be fun to wear in Paducah next week at Quilt Week! Come by my booth #3500. We’ll be up on the second floor of the Convention Center.

in quilting,


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