Two Tip Tuesday – Guild in Delmar, NY

A HUGE shout out to the QUILT Inc. guild in Delmar, NY!!! Thank you ladies and gentleman. I spent two very full wonderful days with their guild. We had my Diamond Tipped Tools Workshop, my lecture Teaching the World to Quilt and a half day workshop of Pharaoh’s Messenger Bag (hand applique).

I love attending other guilds and meeting new quilting friends! Thanks Candice for your hospitality! Let me get straight to the photos of progress in the Diamond Tipped Tools workshop. This pattern uses my Brilliant Bindings tool as a cutting template.

I’ll start with Michelle Young’s modeled brights…… We decided it best to wait until all her blocks were finished to do the arrangement. What a great start!

AND she has our two tips for today. During class, I always walk around to look at what everyone is doing, answer questions and discuss “things”. Michelle had two pieces of “green tape” like blue painter’s tape on her machine. #1 – When her machine was last serviced! and #2 – which needle she had in the machine and date she put it in. Brilliant! Thank you Michelle for such great tips in keeping track of important sewing machine information!

These next photos are from Ruth and Lou Ann. I picked these to be side by side to show how different they can look with just a few fabrics vs. a whole “jelly roll”.

Sandy and Lorraine also have quite the contrast in fabrics. I love them BOTH!

Ellen choose Halloween theme fabrics. Can’t wait to see if this turns out spooky or sweet!

Helen had these adorable sweet prints. However, the strips had directional printed motifs. She will put it together across the quilt instead of vertically to show off those wonderful fabrics.

Linda had all her blocks packed up before I could get a photo. So did Julie-Ann. BUT Julie-Ann came to the meeting the next morning with her table runner size all put together!

I hope I got the correct name with the right fabrics. I made notes and managed to forget to list who had which fabric…..oops!

If you are interested in making this quilt or table runner, you can find the pattern HERE and Brilliant Bindings tool HERE.

The half day workshop was on hand applique in the style of Tentmaker’s Applique. The gals had an afternoon of deciding which applique technique they wanted to use, which fabric and which thread and needle best suite their chosen applique technique. The design was put on a FLAP that will later be attached to a messenger bag…..thus the name of the class….Pharoah’s Messenger Bag!!

Thank you for allowing me to share a few days in the life of a traveling quilter!

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