Two Tip Tuesday- Bindings and Labels

Two very important parts of a quilt….binding and a label! I finished up my sister’s retirement quilt this past week. As I was sewing on the label with black thread, I realized I had black dye all over my fingers. Yikes! Guess this thread was VERY heavily dyed and maybe even over dyed. I should have switched to a different thread, but I was using it on a black label edge and a black binding. So, It should be protected from the white fabrics on the front. Be aware, any dark threads are like dark fabrics. They use extra dye to get those wonderful saturated colors. See my fingers below…

Now for the label….just do it! I feel it is important for you to “sign your work. Artists do!!! and so should you. My sister loves books so I found a great book shelf fabric and used books to represent her 38 years in education on her label. She started in vocal music and then moved to be a school counselor. She is going to have fun with her grandma duties next year!!

So the tips…

from an airport on my way home…

#1 – check your thread! If there is a load of dye, don’t use it! Or make sure is does not run on other fabrics. I use a thimble and a rubber grabber on my thumb. It sure helps save the fingers!

#2 – Label your quilts. I’ve said this a few times but I hope you do! And fun lablee add so much interest!

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