Two Tip Tuesday – Hex-a-ma-jig and Gradient Nuance Knots

Since I last wrote, I taught a class at Emma’s Quilt Cupboard in Franklin, MA!  The class was one of my new patterns “Gradient Nuance Knots” and it uses my Hex-a-ma-jig template!  (The pattern will be on my website very soon!  Hex-a-ma-jig is already on the website!!)

Gradient Nuance Knots
pattern by Debbie Wendt
fabrics from Sew Batik









It was fun to see how the student’s quilt came together and I thought you might like to see a peek at it.  Thank you Denise for letting me share your quilt!  A couple of things to preface…Denise considers herself a beginner and she found some amazing stripe fabric she wanted to try.  She is NOT a beginner anymore!!  She did an amazing job of working with the stripe fabric!!  The first section she cut was a bold navy and green stripe.  The stripes were cut in both directions to play with the movement.  Well as you can see below.  Sometimes too much of a good thing is just TOO much!  We needed to calm it down, see second photo.  Much easier on the eye and really moves you across the section.

#1 – Combine stripes to keep the flow moving.  In this case, stripes in two directions made it jumbled.  But we worked with them and they ended up working well together!

Gradient Nuance Knots
pattern by Debbie Wendt

Gradient Nuance Knots
pattern by Debbie Wendt
More stripes matching!











The second and third sections that were cut still are stripes but they blended a bit more in coloring.  All these hexies were cut with the stripes in the same direction and we played with colors instead of worrying about stripes in two directions.  See the results below.

Gradient Nuance Knots
Two more sections

Gradient Nuance Knots
showing three sections








A bold choice of fabric is going to turn into a great FUN quilt!  Nicely done Denise!

#2 – Don’t be afraid of stripes!  Play and have fun!

I’ll be teaching Hex-a-ma-jig again on Saturday.  This time the Flower Garden at Bits n Pieces in New Hampshire.  There still might be a spot or two to join the class.  We’ll be having fun with Hexies!!

“Hex-a-ma-jig” Flower Garden D.W.

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