Two Tip Tuesday – “in the style of”

Last week I showed the end tails of some machine applique I was working on.  Now for the front….


Tentmaker Applique

I was still in the process of finishing the small purse in the picture.  I spent some time looking for an applique pattern “in the style of” the Tentmaker’s Applique.  I love the design above by my friend Barbara Chainey!  Great to show off applique and the Arabesque style that the Tentmakers stitch, but very intricate.  So, the bag will be fun to carry and a possibility for a full day class, but not one for a 3 hour class.  The 2 zippers were really easy to put in.  I did need to turn my work “in” instead of out over the arm of the machine.  This made it easy to stitch the zipper in place the way I constructed the bag.  (I’ll show the construction of the bag at another time.  Hmmmm, might just have to be a video!)

zipper on bag

Working on zipper in a tube.

#1 – sometimes it is easier to turn your work in instead of out!

Back to the drawing board, so to speak.  I found another favorite by Barbara of a lotus flower, BINGO!  Perfect to show the Pharaonic style and much simpler lines to stitch.  I stitched it on a messenger bag and I’m pleased with the result!  The first coloring was a bit lacking in contrast, second version is the winner!

tentmaker messenger bag

Pharaoh’s Messenger, lower contrast

messenger bag with light points

Pharaoh’s Messenger

#2 – Play with contrast in fabrics to get the best results.

Another bonus….#3 – Use variegated thread for the entire project so you don’t have to do all the thread color changes for each fabric!

This, Pharaoh’s Messenger, will be what I teach at Sew Lubbock.  Might you be able to join the fun in October?

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  1. Carolyn Reece says:

    Love your blog, also, the name “Pharaoh’s Messenger”. AND, I liked the way you showed how a color change can make something pop!

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