Two Tip Tuesday – on Thursday…motivation?!?

What motivates you???!!??  Getting the Two Tips does for me…even if they are late.  I was trying to get home on Tuesday.  Finally did after two cancelled flights and rerouted through Orlando.  Ugh!  BUT, I love to travel so I rolled with it and got in VERY late on Tuesday.  Actually in the middle of the night!!  So, yesterday was catch up and finally today I could sit down to write!

Back to my original question….What motivates you?  A deadline?  A piece of fabric?  A new thread?  The weather?  A new cutting blade?  A new machine?  A new pattern?  A new tool?  A challenge?  An event?

My guilds challenge is due tonight at our meeting.  MOTIVATION!  I actually finished it early.  The binding and label went on last night.  I’ll show a sneak peek.  I think it is supposed to be anonymous so I can’t show it all.  Those of you in the guild, don’t give it away if you read this and see my photo!  (the front of the quilt might give it away, but we do have a couple Debbies!)

binding edge 2018 challenge

TPQG Challenge 2018 – “All About Me”

#1- Meet the deadline!  Don’t let it slip past.

#2- Find a project that motivates you and get started!

Pick the fabrics, test a block, go buy that machine you have been wanting!  I’ve seen some summer sales in several local quilt shops…GO!  Find your motivation!

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