Two Tip Tuesday – value placement

My guild challenge that I told you about last week is below!  Quilt-on-a-stick, “All About Me”.  Size 8 1/2″ x 11″

“All About Me” D.Wendt

Motivation!  I got it done!  I was thrilled to find camel fabric with camels on the selvage and a great saying, bonus!  Perfect to share “All About Me” with fabrics and colors I love.  The selvage with the saying is on Valori Wells’ “Jasmine”.  Another fun selvage I used was “Round up Cowgirls” by Debbie Rodgers.  I just used part of those words, wink!

In a couple weeks I’ll be teaching Baby Blocks using my Hex-a-ma-jig template.  While in Washington state I visited the Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum in La Conner.  They had an exhibit of men’s quilts.  My favorite is below.  A good inspiration for making a Baby Blocks quilt.







This brings me to a question about Baby Blocks also called Tumbling blocks.  Where to put the darkest fabric??  Top, left front or right front?  Is there a correct placement?  Not that I can see.  So, what do you think?  Give me a reply and I’ll enter you in a drawing for a Hex-a-ma-jig template.  Or if you have the template already (thank you!!), I’ll send the Gradient Nuance Knots pattern that uses Hex-a-ma-jig.  I’ll pull a winner Monday night next week.

Here is my Baby Blocks with the dark on top.

Hexie Baby Blocks

Mine gives another option and slightly different look.  Again, what do you think about placement of value?




#1 -Value is needed to get a 3-D effect with Baby Blocks.  Light medium and dark in the same color family works well.

#2 – Where you put the darkest value is your choice!

in quilting,


P.S.  Check out the wall paper border in the La Conner museum photo…talk about inspiration!


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4 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday – value placement

  1. Carolyn Reece says:

    Loved your quilt-on-a-stick..especially the words “the sound of laughter…”. Your colors are joyful! XO

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Cathy H says:

    The only difference with color placement on tumbling blocks is which way you want the blocks to tumble, if at all.

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