Two Tip Tuesday – Summer Travel and Teal

First! Congrats to Cathy H. You win a Hex-a-ma-jig! I appreciate the comment on the Baby/Tumbling Blocks. It is fun to find these shapes in quilts and always amazed at the 3D effects. (Cathy, I’ll be in touch!)

What does your summer bring?  I hear many say they are in their gardens instead of quilting.  How about you?  I love to quilt year round!  As I’ve mentioned before, bugs love me so I will enjoy other people’s gardens and visit the local farm markets for my fresh veggies.  Handwork comes to mind for summer travel.  I always carry some handwork.  I use a pencil case to carry all my bits for my tiny houses.  Checkout your local box stores, school supplies are already out.  Go grab a pencil case while they are on sale!!

Pencil case for travel!









Yes, I’m still making my little houses.  LOVE these things and enjoy doing them by hand.  They are great to take when on the go.  (see pencil case above!)  I’m getting ready to package them in to mug rug size.  How about these Kaffe fabrics?!?……FUN!

Tiny World! D.W.








Speaking of FUN, I went for the teal/blue nail color today (see photo above!) in honor of the start of this year’s Teal Mini Swap.  Hurry on over to Beth Helfter’s website to sign up.  EvaPage Quilt Designs.  The swap is more than halfway full and signups have only been a few days!  Super fun event and money goes to a great cause to help fight ovarian cancer.  Find the sign up by clicking the “HERE” words about halfway down the Teal Swap page link I gave above.  My teal cuppa from last year is below.

Mug Rug Teal Mini Swap 2017

#1 – Grab a pencil case to carry your handwork while they are on sale!

#2- Match your nail color to your work, HAHAHA!  Kidding, but fun!

#3- Go join the Teal Mini Swap.  Great cause and FUN!  It is all about having FUN!

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  1. Carolyn Reece says:

    Love the little house and the teal blue nails WOW!

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