Two Tip Tuesday – quilt storage and AQ

I was all set to write about how to store your quilts for the tips today, but first I have to share what I found in American Quilter’s Sept. issue…..Hex-a-ma-jig in Fabulous Finds on page 17!!!!  I’m super excited for the great write up about my latest tool.  It is available for purchase on my website .

AQ- Fabulous Finds
Hex-a-ma-jig!! DW









With a huge smile on my face, I have one more thing to share…I had a most wonderful fantastic time teaching my favorite 12 year old how to make pillows today.  She did an amazing job!  I think you can see by our smiles that we had fun!










Now for Two Tips of storing your quilts.  I have a LOT of quilts that need to be managed in and out of suitcases.  Storage can be an issue.  I don’t want to leave them folded for weeks between the shows so I try to lay them out flat or hang them whenever they are not traveling with me.

Wendt Quilting QUILTS! DW

Oh, and that is only some of them!  There are wire basket in this closet so I laid the ends in the basket, so they were not in a bunch.

Basket for long quilts. DW








Another option is to use two hangers for one quilt.  This works well for heavier quilts.  (Did you know they make clips that can be added to your existing plastic hangers?  YES, I bought some and they are in the photo below.)

One quilt, two hangers. DW

One quilt two hangers. D.W.









Still a third option is to hand them over a hanger.  I did this when I ran out of clip hangers.  I don’t recommend this as it can cause extra creases.

Folded over a hanger. D.W.

I have laid the quilts out flat on a spare bedroom bed.  This works well, until you need to get to the one on the bottom of the pile.  I like them in a row in the closet, pretty and easy to get to!





That grin is still on my face from a great day teaching someone to use a sewing machine and seeing my tool highlighted in a magazine!  Please find the tips above in how I store quilts.  I gave several options!  Oh, one more thing, I do fold my quilts right side out!  I want any crease lines to be on the back of the quilt, not the front.  And the last photo is how I try to fold a quilt different every time I hang it…not always in the middle!  Sometimes I fold in thirds, sometimes middle, sometimes off-set of middle.

Off-set fold. D.W.

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