Two Tip Tuesday – Snow!

Yes, I’m talking about the weather! We got the first big snow here in New England. Thankfully we were still in Florida enjoying the sunshine…but it resulted in a cancelled flight and another day to get home. Home Sweet Home just a bit ago!! A neighbor had his plow guy do our driveway. Great to come home and put the car in the garage. By the way, the grandson quilt made it on his bed!

Nicholas’ Quilt by D.W.

Now to get busy on all the prep for a class I’m teaching on Saturday. (minus a day of prep…see paragraph above!)
I’m teaching the Jelly Roll Rug pattern by Roma Lambson. It is a great pattern! I have shown photo of the rug before so I’ll wait until after the class and share what the students accomplish.

Taking a class…#1- Do the prep!!  Nothing worse than to start the class without your homework done.

With the colder weather and turning on heat, often I shock things during the winter months.  Building up static electricity can be bad for electronics.

#2 -Be sure to “de-charge” or “discharge” the electricity before touching your sewing machines, especially a longarm.

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