Two Tip Tuesday – Starting another Remix

Yesterday began another Remix of a quilt block. February’s block is a 7 x 7 grid. We are encouraged to fill that grid in any way we want. I had an “ah ha” moment as I was looking through my Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. I won’t be sharing the block/quilt until the Reveal on the 28th. BUT I have posted my fabric pull over on Instagram (shown below) and will be showing Sneak Peeks the next two Mondays. YES, I’m using blues again! And I plopped them on the very bright white snow for the photo.

In pulling these beautiful flannels, I realized they are mostly medium and dark in value. So, I’ve collected a few more lighter grays and might add white/cream to add to the mix. I often start with darks and then have to think about what lights I can add to them. When I first started quilting it was always suggested that you have lights, mediums and darks. I quickly learned that it all depends on placement of what “reads” as each of those values. A medium can look light if it is placed next to a very dark.

I’ll be cutting these beauties and working on them at one of my guild’s Getaways. Some of the members call it a “runaway”! HA! I enjoy focused time to sew all day….no cooking, just sewing! (but I do love to cook) So, since I’m gathering and packing…my question to you….what is your favorite Getaway/Retreat project to work on and tool to have on hand?

My favorite project is to make a quilt, but to have a couple small projects so I can see immediate progress is instant gratification!

#1 – Precut as much as you can when going to a Getaway/Retreat…then you can sew, sew, SEW!

My favorite tool…. I have a couple… First, a good light. I love my Daylight bar light. Second, I prefer my own cutter, mat and rulers. Sure there are always many that quilting friends are willing to share but I love having my own.

#2 – When taking your own tools to a Getaway/Retreat, put YOUR NAME on them!!! You’d be surprised how many tools get left behind. If your name is on them, they can be returned to you!

A bonus #3 – Take your comfortable chair if you have room in the car. It makes a world of difference for the hours you will spend SITTING and sewing.

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